Reinventing yourself from the age of 45

The job market is on the verge of a transformation in history. Many experienced and knowledgeable people will be forced to professionally reinvent themselves and tackle self-employment.

By 2025, it is estimated that 52% of current work will be done by machines, which will mean the elimination of 75 million jobs. But according to estimates, 133 million new jobs will be created, which gives a balance in favor of 58 million jobs, together with a great challenge, the retraining of 75 million workers.

The expert Pilar Trucios, entrepreneur and co-founder of Experience Ahead, a firm for the professional reinvention of executives, and also of WA4Steam, a platform for women business angels in technology and science, gives the following advice:

• Get off the pedestal. «This is the first step to start building. As executives of relevant companies, sometimes we are not aware that the pedestal that elevates us is temporary. Many are sunk by the simple fact of losing their status, their business card and the amount of emails that came into their mail.Others are not convinced by the words of encouragement from their friends that translate into that, words of encouragement with little probability to find a position for someone else. There is a duel, but the sooner it is assumed, the sooner the next professional stage will begin to climb ».

• Trust in the power of oneself. «The second step in that career to transform yourself personally is to trust that, despite the difficulties, you are capable of a lot if you put your mind to it and, above all, if you put the means to make it happen. Of course, being reasonable and objective in their expectations.

• Deepen your own knowledge. “It may sound like a truism, although it is not. Most managers do not know much about themselves, except that they know how to manage businesses and direct people. They have advanced thanks to their training and experience and they are not aware that in this new stage they will have to anchor themselves, above all, in their personality traits and abilities, in addition to putting in value their specific knowledge and their contact list ”.

• Understand the world in transformation. “Knowing the digital world for managers is not a plus, but a necessity. Delving into how the customer, the product and the services change, as well as the different exponential technologies, places them in an important vantage point for discovering future business.

• Know what it means to work for projects. “Being self-employed is not synonymous with looking for acquaintances to entrust us with a project when we run out of options to work for someone else. It involves concentrating on detecting the needs of companies and seeing if with our knowledge and capabilities we are capable of developing a value proposition and providing solutions. Along with this, it is necessary to know how to manage time, technology and other tools that, in a large company, were managed by others. That, without forgetting to put a price on time because, the biggest mistake of those who undertake the own account is to reverse the Pareto law, working 80 to obtain 20 ».

Know what it is to undertake and think if we are prepared for it. “Most successful entrepreneurs have not started their businesses out of necessity, but out of the conviction that their idea was a very good one. To that, they have accompanied their determination and tenacity to continue in the task despite the difficulties, setbacks and discouragement of others. Entrepreneurship is not easy but neither is it impossible. From the age of 45 it is essential to have the drive and the right equipment.

• Expand the range to consider. «In addition to project work and entrepreneurship, there are other alternatives to consider after 45. Teaching classes or giving some lectures at universities, business schools or business forums may be an option if we are rigorous in preparing the material and have communication skills and empathy. Being part of boards of directors is another achievable job, especially if our knowledge, network and preparation are adequate. Finally, investing and collaborating with startups is an interesting world to explore if we like innovation, roll up our sleeves and don't have excessive aversion to risk ”.

• Act… Just do it! “That is the key to converting the tragedy of being left out of the labor market as an employee. Many managers spend about a year and a half to two years groaning about their job situation when they leave a managerial position. They are lost and do not know what to do. Training is important although the key is to act! Trial and error is the mantra of every startup in the tech world. It should also be that of many managers who, once they have lost their job, should not focus on fear, but on building and doing, until they get right what motivates and satisfies them. Of course, focusing on monetizing.

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